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Oct 9, 2010 - Georgia v. Tennessee

Tennessee gameday starts off with a stroll downtown, breakfast at the Grill,

and a little street performance.

Ella drops in a donation, much to the amusement of the musician.

The walk south to Sanford takes us through north campus.

On the way to the stadium, Gaby poses in front of the Tennessee band.
It's Ok. They weren't playing anything - which is good, considering all they know to play is Rocky Top and (occasionally on defense and ironically for a redneck school) 'the Immigrant Song').

There they [silently] go.

Russ, Uga's fill-in.

Ah - the good band.

(We have more tubas than them.)


Pregame talk.

Rob Blaney, my counterpart from Geelong, Australia, was in town and joined us for the game.

Almost game-time.

What a gorgeous day.

Well, that was quick. Still first-quarter and the Dawgs are up 17-0...

...and looking for more.

Their band...

The Redcoats.

We have fire.

Dopey and their Davey Crocket flag boy.

Three quarters in, the score is settled. We kill 'em. Love it.

Happy birthday to me!

Almost back to the car. Carey enjoys a few more minutes of Ella-time.

Gaby gave me a birthday present, including a pair of really nice Georgia wine glasses.
(Yeah, Cheese-ball smile. Sorry about that.)
Great birthday!