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Oct 8, 2010 - NACS in Atlanta

On the last day of NACS, a Friday, I was able to get a couple of extra tickets to Jill could come. She took off and brought Ella and Gaby with her.

We all go together, so we have to get there early since I'm "working"...

There's some early-morning activity at the Radiant booth.

I hang out for a while, walk the floor a bit with the girls to show them the ropes.

These aren't the ropes I had in mind, but hey...
It is what it is.

Ella's happy to be here.

Gaby's enjoying the day out of the house.

I got back to the booth and the girls keep walking...

Red Bull has a club, which starts getting fun around 2pm. Unfortunately, today the hours are 9-1, so it isn't very happening.

When it was all said and done, the girls got quite a few freebies.
We'll eat off it for weeks and may use the extras (or what we don't like) for Halloween candy.

Ella got a special treat - a stuffed Bimbo bear.
Bimbo is the world's largest bakery, the #5 food producer in the world (#4 is Nestle) and one of Mexico's largest companies. (The own Entenmann's.)
Most interestingly, they have a large bakery in Hermisillo, Mexico, which Gaby toured annually as a school field trip.

She loves her new Bimbo bear.

Ella's in such a good mood, Jill and I just play with her and the camera.

She loves Bimbo Bear and takes it everywhere.


It's been a while since we gave her a present, so here is the one Jill may be most excited about giving Ella...

It is a piano that plays new songs and counts in Enlish, Spanish, and French.

Ella loves the music.

We haven't really started with the counting, yet.



"Bedtime? I don't wanna go!"

Big day for Ella...