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Oct 5, 2010 - Push-Car and Swing

Jill got a birthday present for Ella. We waited until her actual birthday so the gifts stayed spread out.
We go towards the back of the hosue to see it...
(This is last year's Mrs. Huff that made it through the winter and had to be cut back severely.)

The knock out roses are almost to the deck.

Here comes Jill, Ella, Lolly and Pop.

Step up!
Good girl.

There it is... look!

It's a swing.

I think she likes it.

Hehe. Yeah.

Laid back, enjoying the ride.


Clap clap.

Gaby's turn.
She gave Ella a push-car.


Pop shows Ella how to use the horn.

Getting ready to go to the tennis courts to see mom play.

Ella likes her new car!
Thanks, Gaby!