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Oct 2b, 2010 - Gameday

...and it's on. The Dawgs get off to a decent start.

Ella's into the game for a while,

then she finally sacks out.

Knowshon play for Denver and sticks around for the game before heading to the Broncos' away game.

Caleb King!

The spectacular leaping grab by A.J. Green.

Ella's awake now

as the officials review and deliberate.

It's a touchdown!

Ella's happy!


Ralphie makes another appearance.

The Cinches appear to be closer to in control.

What a view we have!

Ella's still awake.

She's pensive and nervous. Colorado is up 29-24.

It's all over...
As the fans storm the field,

the groundscrew take the fieldgoals down.

Sniff. It was still a great game - and a great trip!