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Oct 2a, 2010 - Gameday

The largest farmers' market in Colorado springs up on Saturdays, so we check it out before watching a few games, then heading to campus for a tailgate.

On the walk through campus, we find Super Dawg!
Els is not amused.

Finally at our tailgate.
(Our host's wife is a Texas grad, hence the Longhorn flag.)

This is our spot - a gorgeous field right by the stadium!

Ella likes the doggie.

Ralphie's wranglers, the Cinches, walk through the tailgate.
I'm sure it is just a perk of this, the nicest tailgate spot on campus.
She's OK for a minute, then realizes they're not 'friends.'


In the stadium, we get our bearings.

This year's DC.

The Dawgs are pumped up.

Their walk back to the locker room is past Ralphie's trailer.

The Colorado band takes the field.
Check the dude on the 17.

After the show, the fill the unnecesarily banked [but cool] endzone.

I still love that name!

Their pre-game is all about Ralphie.

They get you pumped up with good music and historical shots of the past Ralphies.

It is really cool!

Chip and the cheerleaders are ready.

There she is!

Holding on for dear life.

They're ready for us. We're ready for them.
I thought they were great fans - and I heard good reports about how we acted, so I'm very pleased.

Here come the Dawgs!

Our fearless leader.

Please be gone. Please be gone. Please be gone.

They're ready for kickoff.

So are Jill and Ella!