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Oct 1b, 2010 - Local Tours

We were surprised to see that Celestial Seasonings (the tea maker) is headquartered in Boulder and has a tourable factory.
We had to check it out...

Ella wasn't allowed on the tour (and I think I was the least into it, though I like the novelty), so we hung out in the lobby [which was adorned with tea-flavor-inspired artwork] while Jill, mom, and Ginger toured.

After a while, we went outside to practice walking.

That got tiring after a while, so we sat.

We did see the tour go by, though.

Done with tea, we go down the street for a wine tasting.

Boulder Creek - yes the grapes do come from Colorado.
It was okay. We did pick up a bottle of Zinfandel port, but the rest wasn't worth trying to get home.

Ella toddles around, gnawing on a cork.

The group.

Onto another unusual tasty attraction - a meadery.
Totally free, we got to try probably 12 different kinds of meads.
(I didn't think there were that many kinds, either, but when you factor in orange blossom honey, wildflower honey, etc - then carbonated or not - then with various adjuncts and flavorings - then hops and yeasts - then mixed with wine or not - you get a bunch of variation).
It was like the World of Coke, only alcholic.

The group (sans the photographer).

OK, back on Pearl Street as we wait for the Stampede (CU pep rally), Ella makes a friend.

So, I go take her for a walk and explain a few things.
(Just kidding.)

The classic fire truck shows up, signaling something big is about to happen...

Ella and I are excited.

The crowd grows and night falls.

The CU Marching Band cranks up.

They're a wild bunch.
For one pass-through of the song, some of the brass lie down (stomach or back) and play.
The next time throuh, they stand, turn around, bend over, and play between their legs.

Their human mascot Buffalo, Chip.
I'm starting to really like this school!

We couldn't get Ella to look at the camera - she was intrigued by the buffalo.
I guess I can't complain about that. In fact, I totally understand.

A great meal caps off a great day!