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Oct 1a, 2010 - Around Boulder

Our little girl wasn't ready for the time change and so woke up very early Moutain Time.
We made the most of it and drove up Flagstaff Mountain to watch sunrise.

There it is - the first of two sunrises this trip (and three for the week).

She's worth it, though. I love my girls.

Watching sunrise from the mountains of Colorado doesn't suck.

We pass deer on the drive up and down the mountain.

You can almost hear
"Morning Mood" by Peer Gynt.

Looking down on Boulder

...and Folsom Field, where we'll spend most of tomorrow night.

We head out for coffee, then to pick up mom and Ginger before driving west to Hwy 72, aka "Peak-to-Peak Highway."

We get to an elevation of over 9200 feet at one point.

The leaves are starting to change...

Back downtown for lunch and a liesurely stroll.

Ella, who has been so good, gets some much-deserved play-time.


Jill and Ella pose in front of a large elk and some hippies (who incidentally and unexpectedly walk into Starbucks shortly after this picture).

Walking on Pearl Street.


"Hello froggie."

Ella on a beaver.

Snail... just playing on everything.

City Hall, a cool, art deco building, doesn't quite fit in, but that's what makes this town eclectic.