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Sept 26, 2010 - Ella's Tol

This is a strange page. There are a lot of links. have fun exploring.

Jimmy and Jodie Park had traditional
Tols to celebrate Ayla's and Reed's first birthdays. Seeing as we loved the concept, a lot of our friends don't have kids - and we really just wanted a reason to get together - and we're regulars at a really good Korean-owned sushi restaurant in John's Creek (the perfect storm of random reasons), we decided to have our own Tol for Ella...

Jenny (pictured) and Alex, the proprietors of Sushi House, put on a great party for Ella.

Ella doesn't know what is going on, but she's excited.

Baby's first edamame.

She likes the balloons.
Thanks Evan and Kyle!

Mmmm... sushi time!
Check Alex's concentration!

Jenny puts out three big ole boats.
(I saw a build-your-own-boat box in the back, so I think they may have had to make a third 'yacht' just for us.)
Pictured: Larry, Kevin, Jenny, Rich, Katherine, Beth, Gaby, Ella, Emma, Jason's forehead, Kyle's hair, Casey's hair.

The group.
Pictured: Jill, Bill, same group as above plus Abigail, Kyle, Evan, Mom, and Carey.

After eating, Jill and Carey take Ella to the back to dress her in the hanbok, which Jimmy and Jodie graciously let us borrow for the event. (Thanks to them and to Jodie's parents for sending it to us!)

Jill brings Ella out in her hanbok.

She's a wiggly little creature, so it was impossible to put it on her correctly.
(I know that doesn't offend Jimmy or Jodie, but my apologies to their parents.)

To main event - the toljiabee!
(We keep the theme of ignorantly deviating from tradition - a factor of being overworked and not being able to adequately plan yesterday's party or today's. I hope Ella forgives us.)
The gist is this: you put out several objects that represent different paths in life or careers.

Ella's selection -
Measuring Spoons, representing a career in the culinary arts
Clarinet Mouthpiece, representing a career in music
Syringe, representing a career in medicine or science
Money, representing a career in business
Tennis Ball, representing a career in athletics
Paint Brush, representing a career in art
Wireless Mouse, representing a career in technology

Ella immediately goes for the tennis ball, much to the satisfaction of Lolly and Pop.

Jenny takes the tennis ball away and lets Ella choose a secondary path, which, after little hesitation, turns out to be the culinary arts.
Auntie Palak will be proud!

Family photos...

Gaby is most certainly family!

Me and my ttal.

Jenny tries to give Ella back her headpiece.

Ahh... Jenny fixes Ella hanbok.

She's still unsure about the headpiece.

After the Tol, we head back home and open a gift from Grandmama.

Ella loves the dress, especially the heart-shaped buttons.

Ella spends some time playing with her balloons.

What a great first birthday!