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Sept 25, 2010 - Ella's First 1st Birthday Party

For Ella's birthday, what better place than up near the north Georgia mountains...
We head up to Amicalola Falls State Park for a picnic.
A huge thank you to everyone who made the long trek to help us celebrate!

Ella shows off her new walking skills on a stroll with Pop.

Ella's not sure about wearing Chris' hat.

Ella likes Hayden and Gavin.

The group digs into some Slope's BBQ.

Ella loves playing with all the acorns (which are falling like hail today).

Whacha doin' with my overalls?

OK - cake time!

Before the rest of us eat, Ella gets her smash cake.
Mom helps her blow out the candle.

By now, Ella is tired and wants nothing to do with the cake.
She is cute crying, though.

So... Cake for the rest of us.

(Two cakes...)

Jay holds ornery Ella.

Molly, Amy, and Ella.

After about 15 minutes of calming time, we try the cake again.
She likes it.

Especially the cream cheese icing.

"Stop staring at my cake. You have your own!"

"Ohh, yummy redness."

"Seriously. I love you, Gaby, but put the spoon down."

"This is fun."

"Mmm... Sugar."

"Hey Pop! I got cake!"

"This is starting to get messy... Can I be done now?"

After cake (and a wardrobe change), Gaby takes Ella for a walk.

Later, all the kids head down to the swings.

Hayden and Gavin share one.

Elijah and Molly get in on the fun.

Kelley and Gaby push Hayden (and, therefore, Gavin).
It's like Janus in baby form.

"Ingles, por favor."

Back home, Ella gets a gift from Gaby - a toy cell phone, which Ella immediately knows how to use.

"What? Another gift?"

A pretty red dress for a pretty little girl.
What a great birthday!