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Sept 18, 2010 - Georgia-Arkansas

It's our first gameday of the year in Athens - and a first ever for Gaby and her friend Sonia.
They make the most of it by meeting Hairy Dawg

and some cheerleaders.

People-watching is great on southern gamedays.

A first trip to Athens isn't complete without a visit to Uga.

the Dawg Walk

Battle Hymn

Rooster cheer

I think the gals like it

Jill and the sousas

We head back to the car to make another drink and make frends with some visiting Razorbacks.

They call the hogs for Gaby and Sonia... Woooooooooooooo.... Pig... Soooiee... Razorbacks!

A liesurely stroll through an empty north campus.

The girls at the Arch. (We did a lot of walking.)

Back at the bridge, Sonia and Gaby show off their spirit.

Finally inside Sanford Stadium.

Convenient seats.

If you stand on your head, it makes the Arch!

The teams run out...

...and the fans go nuts.

(Some fans already were nuts.)



We tie it up late and have a chance to win, but alas it is not in the cards.
Fun day, though!