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Sept 11b, 2010 - FRYMAGEDDON!

It's been in the works possibly longer than any party since

The concept is this, as Jason explains it:

A bunch of folks get together and bring creative or inspired (but raw) dishes.

You dip it in your own creation or use one of about 10 wildly different kinds provided as common batters

like so.

Then they are fried by official Frymageddon Fryhorsemenoftheapocalypse.

(OK, that last part was an exaggeration. They're just called 'chefs.')

Then the adjudication begins.

Judges carefully vote to determine the best fried thing in each of three categories (savory, sweet, and hot).

Then we dance.

Oh - and there beverages for all ages.

Let us begin.

There were the obligatory pickles and asparagus.

There were also...
cheesecake wrapped in a wonton
ham and cheese sandwiches, topped with fried bacon
liquified oreos in phyllo
sweet potato fries drizzled with buffalo sauce and topped with powdered sugar
zebra cakes
twinkies with raspberry syrup
bananas with fudge and walnuts
chocolate chip cookies
and so many, many other things

Gaby and Ella play and take it all in.

I enjoy my role as judge.

Ella wonders at first what the fuss is all about, but when Gaby tries a fried jalapeņo

Ella wants some, too!

Back in the corner, Evan and his brother Josh work on their piece de resistance...
fried catfish and fried avocado (fried independently) wrapped in a fried tortilla.

Ella makes a friend.

refuge from the oil

Dinner for Ella.

The awards ceremony:

First a kiss. This is a 10-year anniversary party, after all.
(of dating)

Hot goes to the 'green tomato-stuffed chicken, wrapped in bacon.'
(It had a name. Don't remember.)

Savory goes to 'mushrooms wrapped in prosciutto.'

'Most horrible attempt at frying things' went to Anna's boyfriend [we'll call him "Ttocs, the non-Scott," since I can't remember his name and I think Anna would like that name as a placeholder] with his fried Gushers - a juice-filled gummy treat.

Anna won 'Most likely to cause a coronary with her fried Hot Pockets.'

There were special awards like 'best looking' as well, which I had to share with Kevin.

I can't wait until next year...
If 'frying things' is 10 years in Rhoades-White world, then 'blowing things up' has to be soon...