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Sept 6, 2010 - Megan and Quinn's 2nd Birthday

The day starts with a stroll around the Bridgelands to a playground.

We pass by a butterfly garden before we get there.


Jill and Ella have a swing.

Brendan and the kids play on the swingset.

Back at the house (because it is hot outside), Megan plays with her Disney princess phone.

Everyone shows Ella their robots, which transform into geometric shapes.

Ella enjoys exploring the new house.

Birthday time!

Megan loves the attention and knows exactly what is going on,

as does Quinn.

Fortunately, big brother and sister are there to help.

The three littlest share a chair.

Quinn likes the Princess phone (as do Sean and Ella).

Megan's getting used to her creepy uncle taking pictures.

Megan smiles for the camera.

Ella smiles for the camera.

Quinn... looks at the camera.

What do you get a 2-year-old?
Training pots! Woohoo!

Megan has to test it out.

Sean joins the fun.

They love their musical cards.

They play them over and over.