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Sept 5pm, 2010 - the Bridgelands pools

That afternoon, as the sun was getting low in the sky, we headed up to the pools.

Ella loves the zero-entry, padded-floor kid pool.

Ella wading with mommy...

Quinn wading with mommy...

I don't think you're kicking hard enough, Sean.

Nice splash, mini-me.

The giant squirting tinker toy.
(Notice the water slides in the background. They're awesome.)

Slide good.

Jump-slide even better.

Raining buckets.

Now is probably not the time to make the 'popular in college' comment.

Aunt B shows Ella the fountains.

Over in the adult pool, Kelsey plays with her diving toys.

Next Olympics: the Ella toss.

Bridget demonstrates how to hold a Megan with one hand.

Ella likes the water - not as much as Molly & Conner seem to, but she does like it.

Megan is still a bit scared of me, I think.

But she'll jump to Bridget or Jill.

Long curls.

My beautiful girls.

I think that's a happy-Quinn-scream. Not positive.

Ella gets dunked (and is OK with it).
This is a good shot of how long her hair has gotten.

Kelsey dives to the bottom to retrieve her diing stick.

The combined brood.

When we get out, Ella's just a bit cold

and pruned!

Very pruned.

But she loved it!