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Sept 5am, 2010 - Houston's Downtown Aquarium

Our first morning in Houston with the McMahons, we head downtown to the Aquarium.

Kelsey likes the big ole grouper.

We marvel at the shiny pirhana.

Bridget touches the sea anenomies.

Deep Sea Diver Brendan!

Deep Sea Diver-let Ella.

It is still a bit strange, but the Aquarium ends with an exhibit of white tigers.

They prowl their glass cage border

and Ella loves them. She tracks them as they move back and forth.

"Do you SEE that?"


Next up - the ferris wheel.

Ella's first carnival ride.

We're treated to a great view of the skyline.

I'm treated to a great view of my precious little girl.

The whole McMahon clan is in the gondola next door.

After the ferris wheel, we stand in line for the shark train.
Quinn missed his nap and is a bit tired.

Megan is just hanging out, practicing her dance routine.

Kelsey teaches Ella how to Eskimo kiss.

Finally, after a good queuing, we make it to the train.

Sean's excited!
The train takes us all around the aquarium grounds,

then into the shark tunnel.

Kelsey is mesmerized.
We're always so tickeld about how she tracks animals.

Next up - the carousel.

Ella has to strap in.

OK. It sucks to go places with Bridget. She never has any fun.

The twins didn't ride.
(They're not amused.)

Lunch - when in Houston, where else but Papa's BBQ (original concept for the Papadeaux's and Papasito's chains).

Eller walks all around the place, barely holding onto one finger.

We head back to the McMahon's place in the Bridgelands (Cypress, TX),

where Kelsey follows Ella following Megan up the stairs.

Later - the pools!