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Sept 4, 2010 - Morning, Georgia game, Travel to IAH

It's a Saturday morning - and a big one.

Ella's happy when she wakes up, not knowing what's in store.

She's excited to see both me and Jill this morning.

Pretty little thing.

Self-service cork stand.

all smiles


Ella watches Gameday with daddy.

We're ready for the Georgia game.

Kickoff of UGA-University of Louisiana.
(That's it for pictures of that fairly uneventful, 55-7 game.)

After the game, we head out toward the airport.

Ella's so used to the camera.

We meet Bill & Carey at the airport on our way out and their way back from New England.
Ella loves her Lolly

and her Pop!

We head into the SkyClub for a couple of drinks before the three of us head to our plane and B&C head home.

They got Ella a cool book, filled with colors and babies and colorful babies.

She loves it.

On the plane, Ella has her drink.

Opening up wide for avacados!

We move to the bulkhead