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August 21, 2010 - Apples!

One Saturday morning, we setup a studio on our living room for Ella's birthday card pictures.
(A fuzzy, black blanket made a decent backdrop, but you have to get the picture framed up just right...)

Right away, we got the perfect shot,

but we decided to keep shooting.

She was just too cute.

Ella makes these sounds - it took us a while to figure out she was immitating her monkey toy (which wasn't even around at the moment, but that was definately what it is). Now this is a trick - "What does a monkey say" and she replies with her immitation.

She enjoys the attention.

OK, self-restraint only lasts so long.

They look so big and tasty.


Time to stand.


Monkey - ah-ah-ah-ah.

"Donde esta tu lengua?"
(Her newest trick, which Gaby taught her.)