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August 15, 2010 - Mall of GA, then Sushi House

We head to Mall of Georgia early, walk the mall (before it really opens), and hang out at the kids play area (before anyone else arrives).

Ella enjoys the big toys.

She cruises around the hose.

We're a bit nervous on the pig,

but Grandmama would have been mad if we didn't put her on it.

Another toy!

It is back to the rocketship as more kidlings show up.

Then, onto the car,

which tastes sooo good.

Ella makes a friend...

Good times...
So, after about an hour here, we move on...
(and I leave my camera in the car, so I have to use my phone).

We go check out where Ella's Tol is going to be.

Ella knows it by now.

...and Jenny knows Ella. The only restaurant staffer anywhere we let touch Ella (their hands are nasty - Jill and I know), much less hold her.

Jenny takes Ella back behind the counter to make sushi.

Ella likes Jenny.