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August 9, 2010 - San Fran, days 4(pm)-5

Yes, we have arrived at the wharves.

A look up a Coit, which we cut from the itinerary.

Ella likes being carried.

Pier 39.

We all play on the statue.

Ella actually does watch the sea lions.

We love 'em, too.

Popular day.

Long day...

On to the Palace of Fine Arts.

Closer to the bridge.

We meet Palak and head towards Lombard, which is obvious on Palak's GPS.

Here we go...

Neat houses (and flora), but it would suck to deal with the traffic everyday.

Hello, Tanner family!

What a great trip!
Hanging in the SkyClub before the ride home.

Ella gets rid of some energy by crawling, scooting, and cruising all over the lounge.

Another fantastic trip to San Francisco. Palak was such a wonderful hostess. We all had an amazingly memorable time. Thanks, Palak!!