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August 8, 2010 - San Fran, day 3b

Stern Grove is a crowded place, a lawn haven in the middle of giant trees - like Chastain meets Vancouver.

Other than the Nutcracker, Jill & I hadn't been to a ballet.
This was a first for Ella and Gaby, too.

California tailgating equipment - wine glass stakes.

We dip into the treats we got at the Ferry Building - Miette cupcakes.

Gaby likes it so much, she takes ever-smaller bites to the point that it took her 45 raptourous minutes for her to finish her carrot cake cupcake. More ballet.

Over the course of the second act, several groups took the stage.

Ella's tired,

but loving the music

and the attention. (One of Palak's good friends. Thanks for the lawn space!)

This is for mom.
(She would have taken it, too.)

Ella tries to help us into a Cote du Rhone.

Ella has discovered her tongue.

We're loving what the humidity does to E's curls.
(Gaby calls this "taco tongue" or "lengua taco.")

Auntie Palak is nicer than we are. She gives Ella her blackberry as a toy (which Ella soaks and breaks - we think).

We all have a GREAT time!

Ella shows off her one-handed walking skills.

After the Stern Grove Festival, we take a nice drive through downtown.

we see where the recent Prop 8 rallies and protests took place the week before - City Hall.

After dinner, Gaby and I take Ella for a late-night stroll.

We have to head back down to the wharves.

The Bay Bridge looks cool at night.

Gaby on Pier 1, in front of the Ferry Building.

Another great day in San Francisco.