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August 7, 2010 - Napa, part 2

Ella plays on the lawn before we get back into the car to head on.


The highlight of the day - Joseph Phelps.

We get a lot of samples of serious-quality wine - and get to try our hand at blending.

While we do that, Gaby and Ella have their own tasting on the veranda,

which overlooks the vineyard.

A toast to a good day.

The Phelps vineyard.

Enjoying a little more wine outside.

Check out this huge mimosa tree.
I didn't know they had those out west.

Gaby gave me her sunglasses, as they're more manly than my white ones.

I wish she would have given me some whitening strips. My teeth are burgandy from all the cabernet.

One last stop - at the winery-resort where my boss is staying.
That's him and his wife on the right.

Heather, Palak, Jill, and Gaby are feeling good from the long day of wining.

I get friendly.
(Just don't show the au pair coordinator.)

Getting ready for the ride back to San Fran.

I'm not sure who likes who more...

Ella takes her pacifier from me.

Palak does the same.

Ella's loving all the attention.

Loving it.

That night at dinner, we've treated ourselves so well, someone orders Ella some avocado, her favorite!