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August 7, 2010 - Napa, part 1

We wake up kinda early and all get pretty for our trip to Napa.
We've all wondered how Gaby keeps Ella still to do her hair... Now we know one trick, anyway.

The driver picks us all up, then we head north towards Napa. The best route?

Right over the foggy Golden Gate bridge.

It's an hour drive and Ella just can't quite make it.

Stop #1: Del Dotto.

We get a quick explanation of the aging process,

then we head into the cave.

Our guide uses this 'wine theif' to syphon vino right out of the barrels.

Our guide chooses a wide variety of reds, quickly making friends with Heather.

We eventually exit the cave.

A final shot before we

get back into the car

and head on to our next stop.

Palak's excited about some Ella-time. By this point, we've all had something to drink.
As Uncle Wayne would say, we've all had our "milk."

Next stop: Darioush.

It's a pretty place.

Ella's happy to be out of the car and joining us for the tasting.

Gaby tastes a Chadonnay.

Ella helps me hold my glass.

Show off them teeth!
You worked hard for them.

Pretty girl.

Pretty girls.

All the pretty girls.

Palak and Heather put together a helluva spread for us.
We picnic outside Darioush

and enjoy the Cali air.

It was a fantastic lunch!