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August 6, 2010 - San Fran

Friday morning finds us in the SkyClub.

Gaby tries to get Ella tired so she sleeps on the plane.

They're walking far!

I enjoy feeding Ella 'people food' whenever I can.

She loves apples.

After an uneventful 5-hour flight (other than the big, smelly fellow next to Gaby/Ella, whose stench masked the odor of E's dirty diapers), we're in San Fran, and fairly quickly, at the hotel.

Ella crawls around in the hotel for a while as we get settled into the room.

She enjoys her freedom after hours of car/plane/trains/stroller.

We hit the streets and head immediately out towards Union Square.

MY girls and angel trumpets.

Were we shocked at the number of UPS trucks and couldn't resist taking a picture of two parked on the same street.

Heading north on Stockwell.

Ella's loving the weather and being outside.
(I found these sunglasses in a rental car - Oakley Gascans - and am wearing them because I just broke my last, real pair.)

Four little monkeys sitting on a bench.

Speak no evil. See no evil. I'm open to anything. Hear no evil.

Gaby couldn't resist the picture.


What a colorful street.

The Transamerica Building, distinctly San Franciscan.

Playing in the hotel lobby...