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August 1-5, 2010 - Grandmama's and such

A last get together at Grandmama's before the McMahon's big move to Houston.

Kelsey plays piano a bit.

All the granchillins' hand and foot prints.
(I think Kelsey wins 'foot' and Ella wins 'hand.')

Grandmama's recap of that night and the next morning, for posterity:
"Ella has eaten everything, but not drinking much. She didn't cry during her bath last night for the first time in a while. She slept without waking up at all during the night - woke up a little before 7am and wouldn't lie back down with her pacifier, so I let her go back to sleep on my shoulder for about an hour. She played with her cousins while I was on my conference call, then B gave her the 11am bottle and put her to bed. She went right to sleep, but only slept 2 hours. Again, she wouldn't lie back down with her pacifier, so she is sitting on my lap as I write this - very content, but pulling the hair on my arms - OUCH! She is such a good baby - so easy to entertain. I am not sure why, but she kept putting her hand up on her hair every time I called her name so I could take her picture. She likes the rocking chair and piano."

The next day, Gaby does her hair in pretty pig-tails.

It makes her look so much older.

she still loves the camera!

Cute kid, if I do say so myself...