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July 22, 2010 - Braves Game - UPS Box

So, a week after my first Braves game in years, we all head back downtown towards Turner Field for a UPS Marketing charity event.

It is the whole family this time, blowing off work on a Thuesday afternoon and enjoying some good ole Atlanta-July heat.

After a picnic, we head in.

We make it to the UPS box, which is roomy-enough early for Ella to crawl around and explore.

She can't quite see the field...

Yep, we brought the whole family. That includes Gaby.

Ella had shots that day, explaining the band-aid.

It is a great view of the field from here.

Barbara, Jill's friend and coworker, poses with Ella.

We leave in the 8th with the game well under control.