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July 19, 2010 - Kittyhawk, day 2

Early Monday morning, we head to the beach.
No one else is awake, so we have the beach to ourselves.
It is so early, so Ella and I don't to put on sunscreen!

Ella finds and oyster shell to play with.

She likes it.

The sand isn't as sticky today without the lotion.


I dig this swimsuit.

Ella's so into the sand this morning!

She is very observant, though. She watches a morning fisherman.

Mommy and baby enjoy the early morning on the beach.

The aforementioned fisherman takes a family picture.

We lure Ella down to the water.

How's the sand taste today?

Blowin' in the wind.

Ella makes it to the shell-line,

the upper edge of the tide.

Pelicans salute Ella with a fly-by.

(Someone was crawling too fast.)

With so many distractions, she doesn't cry long.


Drying off again on an adirondack.

It was a big, big morning for the little songbird.

Later in the day, we take family pictures.
The Ayers wear green...

The Scheris wear yellow...

The Mulcays wear red...

The McMahons all get together,

followed by mom and all her grand-chillin'.

All the grandkids gather around (minus one twin recovering from sand-in-the-eye, so just pretend you see Tommy twice and that's pretty much Chris).

Special moment...

Gaby treats the girls to a hairstyling.
This is Kelsey.