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July 17, 2010 - To Kittyhawk

Its a Saturday in July, so it must mean Kittyhawk.
We fly To Virginia (Ella's third trip to VA in 9 months) and head to Williamsburg to spend an hour or two and to let some traffic pass.

Lunch is at the King's Arms Tavern, where Ella gets the cutest high chair.

We were greeted by the same random, talkative restaunt-wandering dude from this past winter.
He was happy meet Gaby. She must be a rich Spaniard who made the journey from Mexico to spend some of her Spanish gold.

Ella peeks through her high chair.

There she is!

Outside, Gaby takes a picture of a fife and drum parade.

Our favorite little house, this time without snow.

After a day of driving (the traffic was worse later), we are delirious when we pass this sign (though we have well over an hour to go) of a brewery and butcher shop. We'd had the beer before, but might not again.