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July 15, 2010 - Braves Game - Suntrust Club

So part of my morning at work was working out the polarity of a cash drawer solenoid.
(Glamourous, I know.)

But a few hours later and three co-workers and I were on the field for the Milwaukee Brewers' batting practice.

Corey Hart, who ended up hitting a home run for the bad guys. Shaggy-looking chap.

The second row - those are our seats.

From our seats, we actually have to look back at the dugout.

Unzoomed view with my blackberry.

Prado hit an HR in the 3rd.

That Heywood kid is good. He made some plays that won the game, including a wall-crashing catch in the 4th.


chipper hit an HR that night, too.

A foul ball rolled up to McCann, who tossed the ball to me. Seriously. That guy was All-Star MVP just a couple of days before.

Gonzales' first game as a Brave.

Great game. The Braves won 2-1 in a nailbiter. Great seats!