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July 11, 2010 - Chuck E. Cheese's

As somewhat of a last hurrah with Kelsey and Sean, we pick them up and take them out.

Their poor mom and dad are stuck cleaning the house to put it up for sale, so they can't come.

Kelsey takes Ella on her first ride, a car that takes a picture of them with Chuck E.

This is more my speed - arcade style Mario Kart.

Kelsey and Sean play all sorts of games.

Since Kelsey is playing this one, I assume it gives tickets.

Ella's turn to drive!

Sean knows how to drive. He's all serious.

Ella and I fly on a '1942'-style (WWII dogfight) game that rolls and yaws with your plane.

Sean and I go fight zombies in this shoot-em-up game.

Air Hockey!

sean < Kelsey < Scott < Jill

Ella rests from the big day.