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June 13, 2010 - Jen's going away shindig

Jen is leaving for a 4-week mission to Africa in a couple of days, so her parents throw a sendoff gettogether.
Ella takes the opportunity to check out a new nose.

Elijah shows off his boys.

Ava can't stop moving, so they toss her in the pool.

That's cute!

Ella doesn't know what to do as the big cousin.
She hasn't experienced that before.

As the adults are destracted by other babies, Ella makes her getaway.

Carey and Bill hold Kara Nealon (and remember when Ella was that size).

Ava gets to be the big cousin, too!

Ella and Kara.

Ella's a pretty chill baby, but Kara is always smiley!

Ella's done. Too many kids.

Kara likes the solo spotlight.

Elijah gets a preview of things to come when Ella pulls up on him.

Elijah is surprised that Ella wandered over and wanted up. I think he likes it.

Time to go...