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May 29-30am, 2010 - Ft. Myers

We fly out to Fort Myers late Saturday morning and get there in time for a late lunch at Skip One.

Then, it is over to Lexington and dad & Suzanne's place.
Ella's happy to be free of car seats and arms.

We're all enjoying just chillin'.

Ella reaches for a dog, but finds that this one runs the other way.

Sunday moring starts at [where else?!?] Marti's!
(I can almost taste the sausage.)

Back at Lexington, Ella's tired.

Very tired.

That didn't last long. Ella cruises around the sun porch.

She's especially fond of the dog seat, which we'll let her touch, but not chew.

As soon as she sits...

over comes Bogey!

Fortunately, though they often stand on all fours, it is easy to tell our child apart from theirs.

I show Ella how to get teh chew-toy from the doggie.

She learns quickly. (Good girl!)

However, Bogey takes it back,

then licks her feeet.

Ella's clearly sad she lost the toy.

She gets over it fast, though.