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May 23, 2010 - Lake Lanier

The day starts at... where else?... Cracker Barrel.

After we get our big meal (and Gaby's first good southern breakfast), Ella gets her breakfast.

Then, it is off to the lake.

Nan and Ella are enjoying the wind as we cruise along.

Deck fluff.

While Ella is down below, enjoying being out of that darn life vest,

Molly is enjoying the water.
What a fish!

By contrast...

She just hates the vest.
Not even Gaby can console her.

Nor can mom.

They are cute together, though.

A brief lull in the howling.

Conner swims up to see what's wrong with the bird.

Pop takes his turn trying to entertain her.

The entertainment doesn't last long.

OK... change of pace.

Now this, she likes.

Gaby bebe una cerveza debajo del puente.

The ladies chat in the back of the spacious boat.

The next stop is by Lake Lanier Islands, where a Drivin and Cryin concert is going on.
Jamey and Conner make sure the boat is anchored, then get straight in.

Wardrobe change for Ella.

She's happy now.

Makin faces

and happy!

Ella loves her great-grandmother.

She loves her Aunt Amy as well.

Cap'n Jamey can't avoid pictures forever.

It was a great day on the lake. Thanks, Jamey!