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May 14b, 2010 - Wedding Purgatory

Between the wedding and the reception, there is a cocktail hour up at the manor (followed by a cocktail hour at the reception hall (the former stable).

The grounds are too pretty not to wander.

Ella loves her Gaby. The plan was for them not to come to the wedding, but the bride insisted.

Speaking of which, she and her new husband steal a kiss in the garden.

Kristin, the maid of honor.

Dames and Holly walk to the reception.

Ponte de Lima from afar.

Tapas! Octopus, mussels, sausages, fried things, two other kinds of fried things.

Dames and Holly again.

Back outside, Jason and Abs are enjoying the now-beautiful day,

as are Katherine and Rich.

The dudes line up for a photo.

Kyle joins in.

Just the guy-friends (plus Josh C, who, well, isn't technically related to Evan).