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May 14a, 2010 - Evan and Kyle's wedding day

Creepy Portugese John Mayer takes his spot.

Enter the Stillwell family.

The Paris fam follows.

Forest and Audrey.

The fellows look dashing.

Kyle and her father approach the makeshift altar, with Kristen in tow.

Here she comes!

What a scene.

The count thinks so, too.

Gaby steps away to quiet Ella.

The ceremony continues.

Do you?
Do you?

Kiss her!
(Those weren't the words. I'm paraprasing for the site.)


Crushing the glass.

Exit bride and groom, Mr. & Mrs. Evan Alexander Paris.

She's happy. I love it.

"Come on in for a drink."

You don't have to ask us twice.
Within minutes, Kevin and Josh are slow dancing.

A family photo.
I belong to two pretty, pretty girls.

Across the vineyard, Evan and Kyle share a photo, too

...and a kiss.

What a view!

Portugese Prosecco.

The couple moves on to another photo spot.

I follow with my camera as long as I can,

then get distracted by the architecture and what turned out to be a beautiful day.