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May 14a, 2010 - Evan and Kyle's wedding day

The day starts off like all of the others - some combination of Jill/Gaby/me feeding Ella in the villa kitchen.
Since it is Jill and Gaby today, I take the time to walk around the villa.

Going downstairs...

I pass the peculiar wine press.

The fairly infrequently-used living room.

The four of us aren't in the wedding, but Gaby goes to do Kyle's hair, so Jill, Ella, and I head west to the coast, into Viana de Castelo.

Not a particularly impressive lighthouse.

Neat building, though.

Ugly coastline, though this is a fairly industrial stretch of beach.

The rocks are cool.

Jill and Ella enjoy the beach air.

I guess this is the remnants of some resort.

After a few wrong turns, we find the lighthouse

and an old hilltop windmill.

Driving back through rural Portugal...

That's our turn (well, straight ahead).

It is a very nice villa. Even the driveway has decor.

Fast-forward. We're at the wedding site, now.
What a house!

The grounds are beautiful.

Inside, everyone hangs out by the fire.

Ella enjoys some Beth-time.

Outside, the Paris boys are getting anxious.

The wedding moves from the gardens to the sprawling front steps.
Everyone takes their places.