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May 11a, 2010 - Duoro Valley

Another day in Portugal - and everyone is so happy to be here.

A couple of poses before heading to the bus.

It is hard to laugh at someone when holding a dainty teacup.

For the bus ride - Prosciutto-flavored potato chips (which taste more amazingly like they sound than we imagined).

First stop on our wine tour is...

Quinto do Portal,

a very scenic winery in the Duoro Valley.

After tapas and wine, we we have lunch and more wine.

Forrest, Nathan, Rich, Katherine, Josh, Brooke, Kevin, Holly, Ali, Jill Paris, Paul, and Clark Sr.

Paul, Clark Sr., Wendy, Betsy, Audry, Kristin, Evan, Kyle, Kristin, Abigail, Jason, Beth,

Gaby, Ella, (and Jill just beyond the picture) round out the table.

She needs to learn when to say when.

Jason points out an old picture of J-Lo.

It is dessert time.

our fearless guide, Sergio, gets presented the ports.

We get a muscatel and a 10 year tawny.
(I picked up a couple of bottles of this tawny's older brother.)

Nate and Josh make such a cute couple.
They're just so... fun together.

Gaby hangs out with rock-star Ella.

Everyone wants a piece of her.
Ella wears the glasses for hours and never tries to take them off.

Audrey (Evan's youngest sibling) poses seductively with the cork-lined walls, which would make American environmentalists go nuts.

Gaby lets the world go by as she enjoys the day in the winery.

Kyle and Kristin, however, get into the spirit(s) of the day.

Ella rides a barrel.

Jill, Abs, and Ella enjoy the Portugese sun.

Back on the bus, everyone is in high spirits,

even the back of the bus.

We head off down the windy roads of rural Portugal towards another winery.

And Abs gets ready to pass the bottles.