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May 1c, 2010 - Randy and Kelli's reception

After the wedding, we relax outside with a cocktail hour.

Ella spends her time in a big-person adirondack.

Uncle Wayne spends his time with three of his favorite people - Ben, Chardonnay-left, and Chardonnay-right.

We break away to get a mini-family picture.

Ella and Carmala make up and share a chair together.

Carmala enjoys putting some height-distance between herself and Ella.

Ella just enjoys the attention.

She gets lots of it.

The Doctors Scheri greet their witnesses.

Ella uses Great Uncle Wayne as a jungle gym.

Oh Paul, your students wanted a better picture than this...

My girls relax before dinner.

The setting was gorgeous. What a place!

Ella rests up before the dancing starts.

Toast time!

They were neat with the cake, if you are curious.

Kelli and her new father-in-law cut a rug.

Ben dances in the corner with Ella while the father-daughter dance continues.

Randy joins with his new mother-in-law.

Everyone hits the floor (including me and mom in the background).

Randy and his grandmother, "Miss Scheri."

Ben is still dancicng with Ella.

I'm still dancing with mom.

Uncle John and Aunt Martha dance the night away (and are sore the next day as a reward for their efforts).

Ella starts to get tired towards the end of the reception.

But she perks up with some play-time back at the hotel before crashing.

It was a great day!