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May 1b, 2010 - Randy and Kelli's wedding

Aunt Martha and Uncle John get a picture of Ella arriving at the wedding.

As the wedding ceremony is about to start, the Brooks family sits all orderly on their side as the Scheri/LeRoy family continues to socialize.
Jill and I run to Aunt Martha's room to sign the card for Randy and Kelli.

Ella sees Martha & John's clawfoot tub and has to get in.

OK, back at the wedding site, the guests all settle in for the ceremony.

Eulalia, Ben, and Carmala.

The obligatory program shot...

Randy with his groomsmen, Tad and John.

Here comes Kelli, escorted by her mother.

Terri and Laura enjoy the ceremony.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous day.

Carmala walks!

Little cousin Ella does not.

Ooo - dandilion!

"WTF is wrong with you?"