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May 1, 2010 - Charlottesville, VA

Randy's wedding day starts with pretty much the whole LeRoy clan (minus the happy couple) meeting at Monticello.
Little monkey Ella poses on the statue of Jefferson like a good little Mulcay.

It is a gorgeous day in western Virginia as we walk up the hill to see the main house of Monticello.

A couple of Jeffersonian chairs fill out a covered, three-walled garden room, which overlooks the property.

Aunt Martha (Ella's GAM), gets an armful of the newest little LeRoy.

Ella gets a handful back.
(This weekend is when she began grabbing noses.)

Walter, Tommy, and Chris enjoy time amongst cousins.

Ella loves her Aunt Dedee.

Little monkey Ella on the railing.

Terri with Laura.

This is the house where Thomas and Martha Jefferson first lived.

The UVA Rotunda from afar...

and Monticello up close.

Big day for Ella - she passes out in the shuttle ride back down the mount.

On campus at UVA, Kelsey poses next to the Jefferson-designed "serpentine wall."

UVA's Rotunda, up close.