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April 24a, 2010 - Aquarium, part 1

On a random Saturday, we headed down to the Aquarium.

Right off the bat, we knew Ella was going to enjoy it (or perhaps more correctly, we were going to enjoy her here).

Ella doesn't participate in the touching pool, but Gaby does (far left).

I think mom touched one!


Ella's fascinated.

Jill shows Ella her favorite.

It is fun to watch Ella track the fish.

She moves her whole head - and sometimes her body - to keep her eyes on them.

Gaby has to try the whale slide.

So cute.

Jill and Ella hang out in front of a wall o' fish.

Ella's always looking around, especially in the areas where the ceilings are interesting.

She wants to pet the pirhana.

Lunch time.

Gaby plays with the anemones.


This is our view of Ella viewing the Aquarium from the stroller.