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April 18, 2010 - Sprint for Cancer

Radiant's annual charity race is always so early.
We head down to Atlantic Station on a brisk Sunday morning and get ready for the 5k.

We get there early to feed Ella there (to keep close to a schedule), so have to wait.
Eventually, it starts.

Part of the race goes over the 17th Street bridge.

Jimmy Park runs up 17th pushing Reed.

A building within a building...

Gaby and Emma cross the finish line.

After the race, we head through Cabbagetown to Radial for a late breakfast.

Ella gets her avacado fix after we get our fix.
Mine was a talapia over grits with tomatoes and spinach. Awesome. I won breakfast.

Then, we let Emma and Gaby follow us back to Centennial Park so they can meet other au pairs at the World of Coke.

Meanwhile, we head over to Piedmont Park for the Dogwood Festival.

By now, I have to pee so bad I run across the lawn. Jill and Ella try to follow, but Ella's not used to offroading. She find's the stroller's "o.s. handles."

After my pit stop, Jill poses with Ella under a gorgeous dogwood.

Such beautiful girls!

The festival was kinda aweful, but Piedmont Park is great.

Ella practices drinking from a cup.

We happen upon the saving grace of the Dogwood Festival - the Krispy Kreme tent, where they serve free doughnuts optionally dipped in hot fudge and sprinkles (the latter of which we skipped).

To rest off the sugar buzz, we kick back under a pear tree for a few minutes.

Craziness ensues within the confines of the Dogwood Festival,

but we step away from it all to enjoy ourselves.

This is more like it - just a picturesque park.

The short walk back to the car...

That was our morning outside.