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April 17, 2010 - tossing Ella, Forsyth Greenway, Beth

Ella wakes up and is her typical, happy little self.

So, we'll toss her up and see if we can get her to laugh.


(and a chuckle)

So, back to the Forsyth Greenway to finish our section-hike.

Ella's all relaxed and enjoying the walk.

This is our view as we push her - just chubby thighs through her stroller biminy's window.

This section of the trail is more closely-lined with trees.
Love it!

We also love the swamp.

Ella does, too.

Later, we ditch Ella and go to Decatur for a friend's birthday shindig at 'Carpe Diem.'

She likes cats and the band, Kiss.
Fittingly, the Rhoades made her a Kiss cake with Gene Simmons and Ace Freely cat cakes.

The paparazzi takes pictures of the birthday girl and her cakes.

Beth is amused.

Speaking of amused, I'm so glad they put this street sign out front or I would have forgotten...