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April 14, 2010 - Smoking for Cancer

To support Radiant's charity race, five of us got together to host a barbeque in the Radiant parking lot.
Any proceeds would go to the Georgia Cancer Foundation, which provides support to Georgians going through, living with, or living with the aftermath loved ones lost in battles with all varieties of cancer.

I dropped off some supplies at 9:45pm Tuesday night and went home for Ella-duty. The other four guys assembled between 10-11pm and started the smoking.

I joined in progress just after 6am when the butts were approaching 180 degrees.

James, the mastermind, Josh, and Kevin (r-l) watch like proud parents as the 20 butts mature.

It is finally sun-up and James throws some more hickory in the firebox.

James' homemade BBQ sauce.

It is 8-ish and folks are pouring into the building work, only to be greeted by a pillar of white smoke.

And a couple of us drinking.
This is Danny, our fearless leader, as Stephen Rogers stumbles upon our camp on his way to work.

Oh, the tending continues.

As the butts are pulled off the grill, chicken quarters take their place.

So much chicken...

I'm getting hungry again just thinking back...

so much meat...

James carefully picks the location for each piece.

As co-workers of all types start walking by, we replace 'The Big Labowski' (right around the 'it's like getting ____ed in the ___ by a stranger') with 'Ferris Bueler's Day Off'.

Honza pedals by, interrupting me/Josh's cornhole match, but not our beer drinking.

No pictures of the frenzy, but by 3pm, it is almost as if we were never there.
We just have to tow the smoker away.

I love my company.
Oh - and we raised $2,850 for the GCF!