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April 11, 2010 - Forsyth Greenway and Ella's first swim

Jill, Ella, and I head to the new Forsyth Greenway.

Along what turned out to be a 5.9 mile walk, we stop for Ella's lunchtime.

I stop and watch the animals for a minute.
I like hearing them pull and crunch the grass.

Ella sleeps for the second half of the walk, at least.

After our walk, we head home, regroup, then go to Lifetime Fitness.
Ella's sacked out again.

She's ready for her swim now!

It's 'adult swim' when we get there, so we have the pool to ourselves.
Ella takes advantage of the zero-entry area and sits in 4" deep water,

then slowly moves to deeper water.

Just chillin'.

Splash! Splash!
I think she likes it.

Uh oh. Falling backwards...

Mommy didn't get to her in time, so she went under.
In true Ella fashion, she was absolutely inconsolable

for about 15 seconds.

She's not so sure about it anymore.

Ella models her new suit.

Mommy and baby enjoy the empty pool.

Ella kicks!
She does this the whole time.

Starting to like the pool again.

Well, maybe not this pose.

THIS, she likes!

Flying Ella.
(She's used to this.)

Where'd mommy go?
Uh, oh... is my turn next?

I don't like this anymore...

Oh! I can see a bunch from up here.

A few parting shots before I get in and play, too...

Fun day!