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April 10, 2010 - avacados and Gaby's party

If it's Saturday, it's a new food for Ella.

Breakfast starts with rice and milk, to get the meal going...

Here goes avocados!

Bite #1 down...

Clearly not a fan...

...but she keeps eating.

Still not loving it, but she comes back for more.

Later in the morning, we all cook some of Gaby's recipes for her 'welcome party.'

Chicharones (basically pork rinds in tomatillo salsa).

With the meal all set, and the girls all dolled up, we're ready for picture-time.

We pose in front of all the food (The spread is jamon serrano for Emma - an au pair from Barcelona who is coming, homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, chips and homemade salsa, cheeses, and more cheeses. Three entree are not pictured.)

Ah, the girls make a much better picture!

With the party on, Rich gets some Ella-time.

Katherine gets her turn, then the camera was put down.
Ella kept getting passed around, but alas, we woke up with no pictures.