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April 4, 2010 - Easter at mom's

It is Easter morning and Ella decides to sleep in today, rear up in the air.

We head over to mom's, where her big ole pear tree is just converting to green from solid white.

Holidays start with picture time.
Ever tried to corral squirrels? This is as close as I've come...
This is seriously one of the better pictures (if not the best I took) of just the grankids.
Quinn cries and won't let go of his Diet Coke bottle.
Kelsey looks right, but at least smiles.
Megan won't sit or smile - but that outfit is adorable.
Ella won't look up or smile, but is at least content to sit on the grass.
Sean looks left, but smiles.

This isn't better, but more indicative of the process. Quinn cries harder and still won't let go of his Diet Coke bottle.
Kelsey is patient and basically hasn't moved.
Megan looks up, but won't sit or smile.
Ella wonders what's up with Quinn.
Sean loses faith in humanity.

It's all worth it for pictures like this.

The whole Mulcay gang.

When the card-playing started (which was pretty much right when we went inside), I forgot about the camera.
We had fun - and the food was great.
Thanks for having us over, mom!