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April 3, 2010 - solid food and tennis

First, the appetizer, to wet the appetite, so to speak...

Now on to the rice cereal, which intrigues Ella.

She figured it out, though.

Ooo... She likey.

Oh, the concentration.

By the third spoonful, she's figured it out and wants to eat faster.

But she realizes the fastest way to eat is to let mommy do the work.

OK, side change.
Still eating.

Chelsea and ManU play in the background (thanks to Yaggy for pointing that out, though he'll probably never see this page) as Ella keeps on eatin.'

She really does like it.

She also likes the camera.

Later in the morning, we head to Champions View to watch Jill play her first USTA match of the season (which she wins in three sets).

I feed Ella, but Gaby finishes her off (and shields her eyes from the glare).
It's the first time Gaby sees Jill play tennis - and only the second for Ella.