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Mar 27a, 2010 - The Botanical Gardens

It's springtime in the southland.
We take Ella (and Gaby) to Morningside for breakfast and botanicals.

The idea was to get some six-month pictures of Ella - and the ABG really knows how to put on the backdrops.

A good Mulcay poses with statues early...

More little flowers.

Ella plays with a dandelion.

So cute.

Atlanta is really waking up.
The cherries and pears are in bloom.
In what I think is an interesting reversal, the redbuds aren't out quite yet.

Lunch break...

My girls pose with the orchids in the Fuqua Center.
(Pronounce that however ya like...)

Ella hasn't heard the story of Humpty Dumpty, yet.

'What do you think, Ella - does the orchid room remind you of south Florida?'

Hehe... Yeah!

Ella close-ups.

Ella enjoys getting down low and looking at the quail with daddy!

She loves the humidity - just like daddy!

Blue eyes, brown quails.