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Mar 20, 2010 - Cathy's shower and GrandBubba's birthday

We head out southeast to the middle of nowhere, then go that far again to the Zier's homestead for Cate's (née Cathy's) baby shower.

Outside, Cathy's mom (Debra Zier), Sara, and Norwood entertain Ella.

Hey Norwood. We see you!

Oh, come on. Give Debra a chance!

Stephe and Jill trade babies.

I get my hands on Kara.
OK... one hand on Kara and one hand on Mr. Z's homemade wine.

Kara likes the music. She's especially fond of "John Brown's Body."

To enjoy the weather and look forward to next weekend,

we wander the estate, checking out the flora.

Ella likes flowers.

After the shower, we head over to Lolly & Pop's to try out the adirondack they bought months ago.
Nothin' says Jawja like sittin' on a front porch and watching cars drive by with a flyswatter in the background.

OK. Cute picture (sans hat and flyswatter).

Inside, Ella checks out some of the toys she'll have to play with at the Jones, most (if not all) courtesy of the McGuires.

I always loved these bead-track thingies, but only got to play with them at doctor's offices and such.

Feed-time for Ella!

Feed-time for us... We head over to Provino's for the obligatory birthday dinner.
(Ella eyes the candle.)

You knew she was going for it, didn't you.
No worries. She didn't get it.