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Mar 13, 2010 - Ashley Nall's 16th

Gaby Meets the Cofer Clan

Gaby brought Ella a bonita pequeña vestido from México.

Ella likes it - and all the attention.

So, on Gaby's second day with us, we head across the dam road

and over into the thick of a Cofer family gathering.
This gettogether is in honor of Ashley Nall's 16th birthday. For those who don't know her, Ashley is Jill's cousin's [Tommy's] daughter.
(It looks like Jen wants to trade up from Ella to Gavin. Let the baby-passing begin!)

Kelly and Ella, Donna and Gavin.

Amy Nall's mom holds Hayden.

Bill and Carey meet Gaby. They're so excited that Carey almost tears up,

but then they see Ella's dress!

The Nall girls - Hannah, Ashley, and Jennifer - hang out on the dock.

They could be models.

Jere snatched Ella from someone. I'm guessing Nan.

Back outside, we take advantage of the nice weather and hang out by the water for sunset.

Molly makes sure Tommy makes it down to the water safely.

We're at Amy Nall's brother's place for the party.
What a great view these people have!
(Yeah, Tommy, I'm talking about you, baby.)

Molly and Ashley enjoy a moment.

Back inside (it got windy by the water), I see this on the wall. Very nicely put.
Change the last line to "hands totally worn out from card playing" and add a reference to running out of passport space before the allotted time and you have a good LeRoy clan slogan.

Oh the madness... Present time...

Someone has some serious creativity - sixteen bills tucked into tissue-paper tulips.
Yeah, I said it. Everyone at the party referred to them as flowers, but I'm breaking out the floral identification. What's that say about me? Want to make something of it??

The back of the room is less enthusiastic about present time. I mean, we're happy to be here (or else we wouldn't be), but opening envelopes of gas gift cards (which was everyone's idea) doesn't make scream Bubba and Jamie scream 'hell yeah.'
So we pass the few minutes of present time as best we can.

Thank you for showing us how, McGuire...

Molly goes bat-shit with balloons.

Hannah hangs with Hayden.

Cake time.
(Actually, it is homemade ice cream cake time. Two different types. Mmmm...)

More baby passing.

Conner and Gavin relax on a big comfy chair.

It was a great shindig - and Gaby survived her first Cofer gathering.