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Mar 6, 2010 - GymDogs with Chris and Bart

We meet Chris and Bart in Athens for the GymDogs meet.

(To Chris:)
"Hey, you're prettier. Will you hold me?"

"OK, he's actually comfy. I can deal with it."

The GymDog walk. Don't blink.

Or you'll miss them disappear down the hall, down the stairs, and into the locker room (where they wouldn't allow me to follow).

The House that Suzanne Built (being Yoculan, the 25-year coach of the GymDogs who retired last year after winning her 5th straight and 10th overall national title).

"Now this is more like it."

The lights dim...

The production starts.

The athelets are announced.


Hey Chris, what's the cubic root of Pi?



Grace Taylor puts up a perfect score to answer UCLA's 10 moments earlier.
It was a close meet. MCCool needed a 9.925 on the final routine to tie #3 UCLA. She got a 9.95.

We went downtown after the meet for dinner. Heading to De Palma's, I meandered behind a bus stop and saw a plaque I'd never seen before...

I played personal photographer for a moment, first catching C&B in front of the iconic Arch,

then on a Greek-style bulldog.

The whole gang after a big dinner.
It was a very good day.